Nowadays, modern technologies are paramount when it comes to our convenience, comfort of use and complete satisfaction. We are convinced that in the world of smartphones, in addition to the device itself, among others, phone chargers play a very important role . Of course, we do not mean standard charging, because such offers us nothing more than the fact that the phone for a certain number of hours should be charged under the cable. In this article, we would like to highlight, among others, induction charging. As you know, using devices without cables is the greatest convenience you can bet on. Induction chargers have been gaining popularity for several years. More and more people are choosing them, choosing the full comfort of using given solutions. For many of us, telephones are a must every day. We use them at home, at work. They are used to make calls, write messages, but also to search for information and many other things that are very important in everyday life. Today, without a touch phone, we can’t really imagine life, and due to the fact that we use them so often, induction phone chargers turn out to be the best possible solution. Can every model of a given mobile device be charged wirelessly? No! This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Some have this option, others do not. However, you do not have to break down immediately, because even if your smartphone model does not have this option, you can buy special, dedicated inserts that attach to the phone so that you can easily use wireless charging.


How does an induction charger work?


For many people, such induction charging seems to be very complicated, and it doesn’t really require much action. First, the induction phone charger data must be connected to a power source. Such a source can be a socket, USB port or, for example, a car cigarette lighter. In such a device there is a coil creating an electromagnetic field. The smartphone itself also has a coil, slightly different, but using, among others, the phenomenon of induction, so the smartphone acquires energy from the magnetic field. The energy itself is converted into electricity, which means that our phone is just starting to be charged in this way.


What is the Qi standard?


Wireless charging can run smoothly and quickly if mobile devices meet certain standards. Qi is such a standard in this case. What is that What is this related to? This standard defines, among others, the definition of an upper power limit. In 2009, the International Technology Consortium developed a specification that just defined some regulations. The first phone with wireless charging capability was Nokia Lumia 920.. The latest of the Qi standards is marked by the symbol 1.2 and it gives you the opportunity to charge your smartphone in just half an hour. Such phone chargers are therefore the best option that we can use, which we believe is the best investment possible for many people.


What should a good induction charger have?


As you know, not every product is created equal and not everyone is able to meet our needs, expectations and requirements in 100%. This is the most understandable thing and if we care about something, it is worth that we choose the best shelf product, the one that is the best. Looking at phone chargers , this seems to be a minor solution for many. The truth is, however, that if we would like to get a proven solution that gives us complete satisfaction, it is definitely worth betting on these wireless chargers. So what should they characterize? What should we pay attention to when it comes to their highest quality and our full satisfaction? Undoubtedly, their most important features are compatibility, intensity, signaling, as well as their ergonomics and appearance. When it comes to compatibility, here you could bet on universal chargers that match everything, as well as those aimed at specific manufacturers. The latter are definitely better, but also more expensive. When it comes to phone chargers and currents, these good products have around 9V, or 1.8 A. Some chargers have a fast charging function, which means that your smartphone can be charged in just a few moments. It is also worth checking whether the given charger model has a light informing us whether the battery is being charged and whether the process has already been completed. And of course, this appearance is also important for many, which is why you can pay attention to this issue, and luckily the market is becoming wider and the possibilities of choosing a given product are increasing.



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