Most people do research before buying something or using a service. Let’s consider whether buying a new laptop / smartphone / car / mower, we spent a lot of time on Google and YouTube.

Searching and reading reviews and opinions of friends and strangers on social media and making contacts with groups are great ways to find the right product or service that suits our needs.

Intelligent companies understand this and take this approach.

Content marketing strategy


The content marketing methodology is a simple concept. First of all, we are supposed to attract, thanks to great content (blogs, videos, case studies, documents, etc.) and get involved by presenting a valuable offer. Finally, we need to convert, i.e. show over time what we got involved in, whether we have the right knowledge and experience to solve customer problems.

Although the concept of content marketing is simple, its implementation is not so simple. We live in a noisy world, so it’s difficult to focus people’s attention. Let’s consider how many videos we have watched or the number of blogs we have quickly abandoned.

The only guaranteed way to attract customers is to create attractive and relevant content.

Our content marketing activities should involve people. We need to be where they are and provide the content they want.

Content must be relevant and specific. Let’s tell a story and show that we understand the needs of our clients. Let’s think about the different channels we will need to access our content (Google search engine, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.). Let’s make sure the content has a clear purpose.

Let’s determine how we will measure the effectiveness of our plan. Keep in mind the nature of your content.

Let’s not just place our offer, but let’s include something important in return, e.g. for our client’s email.

Content marketing is different from traditional or whispered marketing. Those types of marketing attract people’s attention but usually disturb them. Thanks to content marketing, we help them when they are actively looking for help. Let’s not turn this opportunity into advertising, let’s use it to build trust and brand awareness.

Content marketing is measurable, cost effective and working. In combination with marketing automation, it is a powerful tool that will build our brand and strengthen online lead generation.


The evolution in technology and the way we integrated it in every part of our lives, offers companies amazing opportunities to engage in relationships with current and potential customers.Website positioning requires devoting time and effort to developing a marketing strategy on many platforms.In this way, we can optimize the results of our campaigns. This approach covers a range of specialties, from data collection and compilation to social media design and marketing. Therefore, a multidisciplinary marketing strategy becomes necessary to run a successful campaign.

Modern marketing

The company can customize its conversations and communication methods with existing or potential customers. As a result, companies can ensure that they provide the right kind of information in the right context to the right people at the right time, and then the answers can be used.

We should analyze and use data, write and design interesting content. We need to understand the customer and tailor products or services to him. We should coordinate 3D campaigns in all media, both offline and online.

Digital marketing tools

There are many marketing tools to choose from. We can pay for advertising. We can also appear in organic search results or social media. Helpful, informative blog posts and websites, tips, something that attracts attention. If they clicked on the link on social media and were on our site, we must stop them. Let’s not let them go and check the content of the competition. First of all, we present more valuable content. Our marketing plan allows you to create a framework that we can supplement with great content. Without information, blog posts, movies, podcasts, guides, checklists, presentations, emails and the like, it’s just a blank page or blog. Content must attract customers and keep them engaged until they are ready to buy what we sell.

Basic rules

First, we need to understand the clients we want to talk to. Let’s understand their work, lives, challenges and aspirations. Next, let’s check how our ideal clients make decisions, what kind of information they need at each stage of the process, even at the earliest stage, before they know what they are really looking for. Now let’s create content that will help us at every stage of the process. Let’s not just think about ourselves, but about the challenges and problems of our clients and provide information that will make their lives easier. Let’s think about broad topics, if you are an architect, you can write about interior design.

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