Facts about log homes

Buildings made of wood are used for various purposes. They can be both objects intended for housing purposes, restaurants, guest houses or holiday resorts. Despite the fact that there are a lot of such facilities, a large number of people are still afraid of real estate constructed from this material. Are their fears valid?

Is a wooden house suitable for year-round use?

Still, houses made of logs are associated primarily with a small summer house. According to such people, houses of this type are suitable primarily for all kinds of recreational plots for use in the summer. Of course, there is a bit of truth in this, because you can actually come across this type of real estate that is used for recreational purposes.

However, a wooden house is in no way inferior to objects built from other materials, such as, for example, brick. It is just as comfortable, warm and safe. The only difference is the fact that it was built of another material, which is wood. The walls can be built of various types of logs, such as round, rectangular or glued bales.

In addition to the possibility of year-round use, log houses also offer high durability. The use of modern technologies allows the property to be maintained in good condition for up to 100 years. The construction market offers various materials, in the form of impregnants and paints, which increase their durability. Of course, it is in the hands of the owner to take care of your home, which will result in the possibility of using the property for many years.

House construction price

The costs associated with building a log house are not the lowest. The price is increased by the cost of purchasing the needed material in the form of wood. The walls can be finished with paneling, plasterboard or flagstones. The choice of specific solutions will affect the final price.

However, you can save on the foundation by making it light. Its technical parameters will not give way to heavy foundations. The wooden structure is definitely lighter than the one made of brick and therefore does not need heavy foundations that generate higher costs.

The final price translates into many elements, which include the cost of materials, their delivery and the work of professionals. However, all these costs should also be incurred when building houses from other materials. It should also be noted that the prices of flats in popular apartment blocks are also not low. In this case , log homes can be a solution that is not the most expensive in this combination.

Log houses – residents’ problems

The big advantage of wooden houses, unlike their brick counterparts, is that they do not have to undergo periodic plaster or facade renovations. In addition, they generate significantly lower costs of energy consumption, which is needed to heat it. It is estimated that savings can be up to 30%. The log house heats up quickly and you can maintain the right temperature in it for a relatively long time.

Of course, there may be problems associated with improper heat retention, but they result from incorrect assembly of the structure itself. A poorly finished and sealed house can freeze and not keep heat. In order to avoid similar problems, it is worth commissioning a professional company that has relevant experience in building houses in this technology. For this you need the right dose of knowledge and experience.

There are also often some concerns about the risks associated with fire. During construction, log houses are exposed to special chemicals that are applied to wooden structures, which counteracts fire.

The same also applies to all kinds of insects, bark beetles, but also rot and mold, which can also be very dangerous for the home. Nowadays, a wide range of antiseptics are available that protect wood against various types of pests and mold. It is always worth checking, however, whether a given product has been admitted to trading and may be in contact with food products.

Log houses as objects made of wood are also characterized by the work of this material. Shrinkage is a natural feature of wood. This should be noted when building a house. It is important to leave enough space for the beams to work when the structure settles.

Sometimes there are also some problems associated with the process of finishing the house. Due to the fact that houses made of wood move, standard installation of panels and puttying may result in cracks. It is therefore important to strictly observe the specifics associated with wooden construction. Using the help of professionals will allow you to finish the interior without any restrictions and according to your preferences, without the risk of any damage.

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