How to look fashionable?

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Not everything suits everyone: it depends on the figure, type of figure, whether the dress in a given cut will suit our face, or whether a given shirt color will suit us. Well-chosen wardrobe elements emphasize the advantages of our figure and hide what we do not want to display. We can distinguish several types of figures.

Review of women’s figures

The first is a column type figure. There is a belief that slim people have no problem choosing a dress, but this is not true. Sometimes it is a challenge to find a matching and nice-looking clothing. This difficulty usually results from changes in body proportions. In this case, patterned clothes, combined styles, stiffeners and additional layers will work. Perfect for this type of figure will be a dress with a trapezoidal cut in transverse stripes, having an envelope neckline and a stiffened, sewn-in bra that will perfectly emphasize the figure.

It will be very good to choose a skirt “princesska” with a layer of tulle from the bottom, which maintains the right shape, also skirts with a bauble cut will be hit. The combination of different, even contrasting colors and patterns will also optically create a very interesting and fashionable styling. Wearing airy skirts or shorts, it is worth paying attention to patterned fabric models with pockets and flounces located on the sides. Another type of figure is an hourglass, treated as the perfect shape of a woman’s body. A large bust, round hips are exposed, all complemented by a waistline. Pencil skirts with high waisted or mini, fitted jeans, wide-leg pants, cigarillos, matching blouses, shirts, short tops, Spanish fashions and with boat-shaped or V-neckline are suitable.

The pear type figure is determined by the massive body structure, wide hips and thighs, this is the biggest problem of this figure. The best solution will be slightly flared skirts above the knee, which will extend the figure and balance the wider top and legs. Blouses or shirts with additional decorations in the area of ​​the shoulders and arms may complement this. Tunics covering the hips are also recommended. Pants should not have too loose cut, they can be slightly fitted, it will allow you to optically slim your legs. Vertical abrasions on jeans or seams on the material will be very desirable, small pockets will become a complement that will optically reduce the buttocks. The apple type figure is primarily a protruding tummy. In this situation, it’s best to choose ethereal tunics and dresses in a uniform color or with small patterns. Vertical motifs will be appropriate, e.g. on a suit jacket. A good choice will be darker shades, matte, without gloss and abrasions.

It is not appropriate to choose loose blouses under the bust, better are those made of flowing fabric or longer shirts and tunics with a trapezoidal or straight cut. They will lengthen the silhouette and give the impression of a narrower mountain. Many women have a bell type figure, it is characterized by large breasts and wider lower parts of the body. It is recommended for such ladies to wear contrasting dresses, preferably with a white stripe in the middle, from top to bottom, on a black background or light dresses with dark gussets on the sides, profiling the waist.

Ladies with a bell figure can wear blouses, shirts and dresses with a vertical cut at the neckline. If people with such shapes decide on geometric patterns, then only sharp, angular, if floral are small, all oval and streamlined motifs add extra centimeters. Avoid ball-shaped skirts and any additional volume adding decorations. The last type of figure we write about is the cup type. Big and massive shoulders, wide shoulders, sometimes also large breasts. Suitable here will be matching pants with a longer jacket, a suit, a kimono blouse, a butterfly shirt, flared skirts will be great. When choosing a dress, it is worth reaching for models with diagonal straps, directed to the bust line, with one strap around the neck or pulled diagonally from one shoulder, or for dresses with wider straps finished in balconette style. Exclusive fashion is for everyone, but it is important that it is properly used and applied.

Fashion is also accessories

Don’t forget about the extras. Nothing adds flavor to stylization like accessories in the form of jewelry, belt, watch, or even colorful or elegant Polish socks . To be fashionable, remember about the right hairstyle, but not necessarily the one that is fashionable now, but one in which we like it. The right makeup will complete the whole. And what type of figure are you? What do you like to wear the most? If you don’t have a well-shaped style yet, it’s the right time to think about which type you represent. Maybe it’s worth looking through your wardrobe and getting rid of clothes that distort our figure? It is worth having less clothes but well-chosen and tailored to our figure, which will emphasize the qualities of our body and hide what we do not want to emphasize. This outfit will give us an emotional and self-confidence, we will be smiling and joyful because we will feel good in what we are wearing.

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