How are tooth implants placed?

Warsaw implant cost

Each of us undoubtedly dreams of a beautiful, simple and preferably snow-white smile. Unfortunately, due to an accident or genetic conditions, we can not always enjoy the teeth that we would like. All dental defects require appropriate correction and changes so that each of us can fully enjoy a wide, full smile. Tooth dental implants are one of the possibilities offered by the dental market . To set them up, you need a professional dentist office Warsaw , as well as a qualified dentist who has the appropriate knowledge and experience to be able to provide this type of treatment at the highest level. Implant placement is not as easy as it may seem. You need to perform several stages of action here to be able to get what we care about. Today we will try to show you a little closer how you need to act step by step to reach the desired goal, i.e. teeth without gaps, holes and curves. How to do it

What are tooth implants?

First, let’s explain what tooth implants really are. Simply put, these are artificial roots, implants that are made of titanium. On their basis an artificial tooth is placed, called lace. You can insert one implant, but you can also do so-called several-point implantation, in this way make one artificial root and make several laces on its basis, which this root will hold. It happens that only two implants are enough to be able to insert the entire prosthesis. Everything, of course, depends on the individual predispositions of each person, which is why it is so important that before starting the procedure, the patient is thoroughly examined, checked and prepared for the surgery, so that you cannot talk about any problems or shortcomings.

What is a prosthetic crown?

We already know what dental implants are , but now let us take a closer look at the lace itself, which fulfills this visual aspect. It is an artificial tooth that attaches to implants. The crown acts as a tooth. It can be made of metal, acrylic, ceramic, zirconium, as well as porcelain-faced metal. Choosing the right one depends to a large extent on the amount we are able to spend on it. Some have higher strength, others have lower strength. Some are more, others less natural. The choice is always left to the patient, but the dentist should help in the choice of the best solution if the patient does not have adequate knowledge in this topic.

Stages of implant placement

To perform the entire procedure, it is necessary to carry out three stages for this purpose. The first is implantation, the second is the screwing of the healing screw, and the third is the attachment of an artificial tooth. Of course, in order for Warsaw implants to fulfill their tasks, thorough tests are performed before this whole procedure, including x-ray images from every possible angle. The more thoroughly the patient is examined, the greater the chance that there will be no unforeseen situations that will always have to be taken into account during the whole procedure.

Recovery period

If we decide to have dental implants, we must reckon with the fact that after the entire procedure, proper oral hygiene is required, compliance with all dentist’s recommendations, and periodic follow-up visits to check that the entire healing process is taking place. properly and without any complications. If we decide on such a solution, we certainly want it to be done in the best possible way. We pay a lot of money for it, so we definitely want to be completely satisfied and satisfied with the choice made. And how much does all this really cost? Of course, it all depends on what clinic we are talking about. The average costs are 3,500 PLN for one implant with its implantation plus the costs associated with the choice of lace. We can opt for a porcelain crown with a steel connector and pay PLN 600, and we can choose a zirconium crown and such connector and pay up to PLN 2,000. So when it comes to dental implants, they are an expense from the top shelf, but their effect is undoubtedly able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

One of the key elements is the appropriate dental clinic in which implantologists work. The quality of work really depends on them, that’s why if we want our teeth to look their best, so that we can enjoy a wide, simple smile without any damage, then certainly the choice of implants will be a very good solution, but only and only if it is done by a person who knows about it and who will be able to do the job as best as possible.

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