quilts and pillowsIf we want to sleep peacefully, the pillow is one of the main elements. If we have the right one mattress, pillow adapts to our needs and helps maintain the correct position of the body through all night. The head is in line with the spine, the arms and upper body are comfortable supported and there is not too much pressure on any area.

Types of fillings

The cushion can naturally be filled with feathers, down (fluffy insulation under the feathers) or theirs combination. Such a pillow is soft and provides comfort thanks to a good fit to the head and neck. The fill power indicates how much filling is in the pillow. We can provide such information found on high-quality down pillows. Remember that the greater the power to fill it better quality pillow. It will be durable and well supported. If the natural cushion is marked “without allergies “, the filling has been cleaned of all impurities. However, they can sensitize the most sensitive allergy sufferers.

A cushion with synthetic filling contains artificial filling, usually polyester. They are inexpensive, we can usually find them in most stores. They are not so durable and do not adapt to the head and neck as well as natural pillows. However, they are usually hypoallergenic and can be machine washed. We can also find pillows filled with polyester fibers, covered with silicone. It’s perfect solution for allergy sufferers. They are hypoallergenic, yet soft and adapt to the head and neck. Foam pillows are made of solid or foam pieces. They are inexpensive. They can be used for sleeping, but more often they have a decorative function.

Memory foam pillows are thick and resemble a sponge. They form around the neck and head, providing additional support. They are ideal for people who like hard pillows or have a problem with the neck and spine.

Sleep position and pillow type

The preferred position determines the choice of pillow. If you like sleeping on your back, choose a medium hard pillow. Provides good head support, neck and shoulders. Thanks to this, we will maintain the natural curvature of the upper spine. No we will have neck or upper back problems. Foam pillows are perfect solution.

If we like to sleep on the side, choose a pillow that adapts to the neck. The best pillows have flap, that is the side panel, adding height and elasticity. Thanks to this, the head and neck are in the right position. We can choose a pillow with memory foam, having a natural filling or with polyester fibers.

And if we like to sleep on the stomach, we need a flat and soft pillow, because the head and neck do not they are so tense. Down and synthetic fillings work well in this position.

Different sizes of pillows

Pillows can have different sizes. Thanks to this, they adapt to different sizes of mattresses. Standard cushions have dimensions of 40 × 40 and fit in a classic pillowcase. Most often it is chosen as a sleeping pillow and provides perfect support for the head and neck. May have different filling. However, such a pillow is used on a single or double bed, and three on royal or imperial.

Queen cushions have dimensions of 40 × 60 cm and fit tightly in a standard pillowcase. That’s why they are more flexible. Best suited to larger beds. The royal pillows have dimensions of 40 × 70 cm and fit into special pillow cases. They are extremely long and they are great for people with muscle or joint pain or for pregnant women. Two royal great they fit very large beds.

Decorative pillows usually have dimensions of 50 × 50 cm. They add style and are most often set at headrest.



40 × 100 cm cushions are perfect for interior decoration. They can have original shapes. If however, let’s choose them for sleeping, remember that they adapt to the shape of the body, so they can choose them people sleeping on their side, women, expecting a baby or people with joint pain. Travel pillows usually have dimensions of 20 × 30 cm and fit perfectly in the pillowcase, size travel bag. They are great when traveling by plane or car. They also go great with the bed toddler or during trips of the child to grandmother or kindergarten.

Memory foam

Developed by NASA to protect astronauts during space travel. I’m forming into thanks to this, it provides the best support. It’s a good choice if you have neck pain or stiffness upper body and general soreness or shoulder problems.

The foam provides excellent cushioning and support when sleeping on your side or back. It is hypoallergenic so it is suitable for allergy sufferers. Vented foam provides coolness and comfort and is not as stiff as it is traditional foam.

Unfortunately, it can be hot, and some people find it hard and uncomfortable. It’s also heavy and through the first few days give off an unpleasant smell. Although the foam is naturally hypoalegal, no it can be machine washed.

The choice of pillow affects our sleeping comfort, so let’s think about which one to choose. In this way we’ll sleep well.



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