Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts, especially if the recipient is a woman. Decorating your bodies with colorful, precious or simply original materials was already practiced in ancient Sumeria. No wonder that such a long-lived and popular tradition has a wide range of applications and branches. All types of pendants and necklaces are also worn by men because they are a symbol. Regardless of whether it is a wedding ring or a silver necklace, each piece of jewelry has its own meaning, style and complementary elements. Thanks to this, you can give properly selected jewelry to everyone so that it suits both him, his needs and the environment in which he revolves.

How to choose jewelry

Silver jewellery

Fashion has its own rules and jewelry is its inseparable element. Before we think about what is fashionable, we should think about what suits whom. When we want to give jewelry for the mother’s day , the reference point will undoubtedly be the mother’s silhouette. Here, as well as when choosing pants, a shirt or a hat, we will consider height and figure. Even people who do not have much skill in choosing jewelry should be able to orientate themselves thanks to two simple rules.

First of all, we emphasize the advantages. If someone has a filigree figure, is of small build, delicate or not tall, it is not worth covering it. It is not worth hanging around with jewelry that will be ridiculously large compared to the figure. We should focus on emphasizing slenderness with slenderness, narrowness narrowness and so on. Secondly, we hide the flaws. No one is perfect, and by giving someone a present, we should not remind him of it yet. People who have a short neck can optically lengthen it with long jewelry , like dangling silver earrings . If you want to look away from your legs, it is worth decorating the hair, for example, with the original hairpin.

The most popular types of jewelry

However, if we feel that we are not able to choose the right jewelry or we don’t want to pay attention to it for another reason, you can always bet on popularity.

Depending on how much money we want to spend on buying jewelry , we will be dealing with various elements of a wide range of possibilities. The most popular are undoubtedly the gold and silver necklaces with a small accent in the form of a colorful gem. All this, however, can be done both in an exclusive and more budget version. Gold necklaces are often simply gold-plated, and the colored stones only pretend to be ore, and are simply aesthetic beads. A jewelry that has undoubtedly entered the pop culture as a typically feminine is an earring. Earrings provide a lot of possibilities, even thanks to different location options. Even if we talk about the most popular example, i.e. the ear, still some people do not stop at one puncture, and a large number of ornaments are found not only in the petal, but also at the top of the ear, or when connecting with the face.

Definitely among the most frequently chosen jewelry in the ears is a simple, shiny circle, a small, plug-in shape made of metal or ore, and of course hanging rectangles and triangles. In the case of the latter, we usually deal with strongly outlined shapes, but sometimes also with small tear-shaped endings. A specific, but undoubtedly often seen type of jewelry are all kinds of cufflinks, buckles, pins and pins designed to preserve the shape of the hairstyle, as well as emphasize the natural advantage of hair. This is definitely the preferred decoration for people who especially want to pay attention to their hair.

The most original types of jewelry

For people who want to experiment with jewelry or plan to give a gift to an extremely colorful, eccentric and unusual person, it is worth mentioning the most original examples. Definitely, even original jewelry can be classified into different categories. One of the more striking types is the boho style, taking its inspiration from hippies and ethnic elements of cultures.

In this case, we will be dealing with jewelry that is based on fabrics, soft colored materials, feathers, braids and knots. We will avoid jewelry containing richly decorated ores and heavy metals. The boho style is more liberated, natural, sometimes even wild.

It is also worth getting interested in the aforementioned ethnic style of jewelry . The indigenous tribes of Africa, South and North America will have a more organic cut. A large number of repetitive geometric patterns as well as beads and beads will evoke strong associations with nature, freedom and tradition. In this case, the perfect move would be to give a gift in the form of handmade jewelry . It doesn’t have to be done professionally, because this type of style draws on authenticity.

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