Laser therapy is very popular in modern aesthetic medicine. Its main areas are laser rejuvenation, laser hair removal, treatment of adolescent acne, rosacea, common acne and scar skin lesions. Laser therapy solves most of the most common aesthetic problems. It is an effective alternative to injection methods. Provides results comparable to plastic surgery. The skin is visibly tight, wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté are smoothed, scars and stretch marks are eliminated.

Laser technology in aesthetic medicine

A laser is a device that concentrates electromagnetic radiation in a very strong directional stream. It is for this reason that the laser beam can work precisely and impulsively. The use of a laser in aesthetic medicine procedures is possible in several directions. The laser is successfully used to treat acne. When the laser beam is directed, the temperature in the tissues increases, which is harmful to the microorganisms that cause inflammation (acne). A cosmetologist performing such aesthetic medicine service obtains the effect of photo-sterilization of tissues. After treatment, inflammation is removed, skin porosity and post-inflammatory scar severity are reduced, and permanent remission occurs.

Laser rejuvenation

  The technique is to heat the skin with a laser beam. This action is of short duration, i.e. it does not cause serious damage. However, it is enough to cause inflammation and the response from the skin will be its regeneration. As a result, collagen production is stimulated in the skin and is a structural protein, giving elasticity and tension. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes toned.

Indications for laser rejuvenation are fine wrinkles, visible vascular network (e.g. spider veins), enlarged pores, soft tissue drooping, abnormal facial contours, scars on the skin, acne, second chin, excessive pigmentation. The procedure is contraindicated if a person has inflammation in the procedure, psoriasis, skin diseases. Laser rejuvenation is not performed during pregnancy.

Laser rejuvenation is a technique that allows you to remove all visible signs of skin aging, such as vascular networks, age spots, fine wrinkles, poor skin tone. The laser can be used on the face, neck and décolleté, if necessary on the hands. The procedure is quite convenient and painless, while a person feels heat only in the area of ​​application of the laser beam. Slight redness may persist for several hours after the procedure.

During the whole cycle of laser rejuvenation, a lifting effect is observed: the depth and intensity of wrinkles are reduced, the face oval is corrected, better skin quality is improved, and the vascular network disappears. It should be noted that the result is not only preserved, but also increases within six months after the end of therapy.

Selective photothermolysis

Wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, scars on the skin, crow’s feet, stretch marks, small vascular defects, all these problems can be solved with the help of aesthetic medicine services, the so-called selective photothermolysis procedure. It is also a laser technology, but here the laser beam has its own characteristics. It is divided into several factions, each of which is not thicker than human hair.

They all act on microscopic areas of the skin and in this way the cosmetologist obtains a kind of mesh, the areas affected by the laser beam alternate with the areas to which there was no exposure. In the treated areas, collagen and elastin are destroyed, and regeneration processes begin in the remaining intact cells. It renews the skin, improves its elasticity, color, and looks. Selective photothermolysis is a procedure that can be performed even on sensitive areas of the face, for example on the eyelids. Contraindications are pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases or acute skin diseases.

HIFU lifting

SMAS is a superficial musculo-fascial system, formed by muscles and ligaments. Lifting this layer allows to achieve good results. This means that by tightening the skin, the cosmetologist fights surface wrinkles, and, acting with the HIFU method, smoothes deeper folds. Lifting is done using ultrasound. Warming deep layers of the skin and muscles, the ultrasound wave causes them to contract, activates the production of structural proteins.

Acceleration of metabolic processes leads to improved appearance. Quite often, the HIFU facelift is recommended to people who for one reason or another do not want to undergo plastic surgery. The second category of people who want to use aesthetic medicine are those who have undergone surgery and are trying to prolong the result.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist sees deep layers with the help of ultrasound, assesses the condition of muscles and fascia. Accordingly, the therapeutic effect of ultrasound is directed by the cosmetologist to the necessary depth to specific muscles, fascia and ligaments. The effect is partially visible immediately after the procedure and you can fully assess the results of the lifting after three months.

Aesthetic medicine techniques in the form of laser procedures can solve many problems without the need for surgical intervention. Prolonging youth is not only a woman’s dream, today men also use the services of aesthetic medicine.

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