Many people and institutions around the world use detective services. Sometimes they really need help, but there are situations when someone wants to find someone’s hideout or someone who has fled the country, not settling all the liabilities. That is why detective services are becoming more and more popular. Detective agencies work with educated and qualified detectives staff.

Investigation services

Private detective – a man in the shadows

The persons who most often work in companies that offer detective services are detectives.

Private detectives seek information on legal, financial and personal matters. They offer many services, such as verifying people’s origin and statements, missing persons search and computer crime investigation.

Private detectives usually base their work on:

  • Interviews with people to gather the information they need
  • They search for information on the internet (e.g. about companies and their connections)
  • They track the persons indicated
  • They collect evidence for clients (e.g. take pictures, eavesdrop on phone calls)
  • They analyze clients from the legal side (they check whether a person was convicted or had any court judgments)

Private detectives and investigators offer many services to individuals, lawyers and companies. Detective services include checking the past, examining employees for possible theft of company assets, proving or refuting infidelity in a divorce case, and helping find a missing person. Private detectives use different tools when investigating the facts of the case. Most of their work is done using a computer, which gives information such as phone numbers, detailed information on activities in social networks, descriptions of online activities and records of a person’s previous arrests. They make phone calls to verify facts and interview people in the background. The detectives also supervise the case. They can view locations, such as a person’s home or office, often from a hidden position. Using detectives and binoculars, detectives collect information about interesting people.

What can a detective do?

Detectives and investigators who provide detective services must be mindful of the law when conducting investigations. Because they lack police power, their work must be done with the same authority as a private citizen. As a result, detectives and investigators must be well aware of legal provisions such as privacy regulations and other legal issues affecting their work. Otherwise, the evidence they have collected may not be useful in court and may be rejected as evidence in the case. Private detectives, performing detective services, work in many environments, depending on the case. Some spend more time in offices, investigating cases on computers and making phone calls. Others spend more time in the field conducting interviews or surveillance. In addition, private detectives and researchers work outside or in the car, in all weathers, to get the information their client needs. Although detectives often work alone, some work with others while investigating or performing large, complex tasks.

Private detectives and researchers often work at irregular hours because they supervise and contact people outside of normal business hours. They can work early in the morning, evening, on weekends and holidays.

How to become a private detective

A private detective Wroclaw usually needs several years of professional experience and a high school diploma. In addition, the vast majority of countries require private detectives to have a license to perform detective services.


Education requirements vary considerably depending on the job title, but most professions require a high school diploma. Some of them may require 2- or 4 years of experience in a field such as justice or criminal matters.


Most private investigators learn through on-the-job training, usually from a few months to a year. Although new recruits need to learn how to gather information, additional training in detective services depends on the type of company that employs them. For example, detectives can learn to conduct remote surveillance, reconstruct accident scenes, or investigate insurance fraud. Corporate detectives hired by large companies can receive formal training in business practices, management structure and various financial-related topics. Private detectives usually have previous professional experience, usually in law enforcement, intelligence, etc. People working in such positions who can often retire after 20 or 25 years of work can become private detectives or set up detective agencies.

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