A desktop computer, although less popular than a laptop, is still one of the most important home devices. It serves us as a work tool, with its help we gain knowledge and information about the world, in addition, it works during relaxation and rest. PC users value quality, if you decide to buy a desktop computer, you want it to be faster than a laptop, which is very convenient, but will not cope with new games or specialized programs.

RAM memory – an underestimated detail

The computer consists of several basic components. When choosing a configuration, we usually leave the motherboard, which is the body of our machine. Then select the members – processor, graphics card, hard disk and usually RAM at the end. I will not now argue about which computer component is the most important. I will focus on the facts, and the fact is that the computer is a whole and all components must be selected in such a way. to create a well-coordinated team. Choosing a high-end processor and the other parts from the budget sector, we will shoot ourselves in the foot, because it will only achieve part of its computing power. The same will happen if we select the wrong memory chips.

Characteristics of RAM

When we run any program, the processor issues commands to download it from disk. To process them, it needs working memory, here the role of RAM begins. There are several types of memory on the market. The most popular are DDR3 and the latest DDR4. Memories differ in capacity, frequency and delay. On the market there are memory sizes from 2 to 32 GB in one dice. Of course, there is the possibility of mounting more of them, but it limits us the number of slots and the maximum supported capacity of the motherboard. Typically, motherboards have 2 to 4 RAM slots, and support 8 to 128 GB. Operating frequency affects the speed at which the processor performs calculations. The higher the frequency, the better the performance. Clocks of older DDR3 memory reach frequencies from 800 to 2133 MHz, while the latest type of DDR4 up to 4266 MHz. Delay is another parameter to look out for. This is the time between sending the request and reading the information. Of course, the lower the delay, the faster the memories will work.

RAM memory for sale

The price range of memory is very large. Prices in online stores range from PLN 50 up to several thousand. The cheapest type of memory on the market is DDR3. As mentioned above, it has a lower clock frequency, but slightly less delay than DDR4. Attractive price and still satisfactory performance make it very popular among customers looking for components for a budget computer. DDR3 works great in office computers or ordinary home PCs. A set of two dice with a capacity of 4GB and a frequency of 1600 MHz is fully enough for a computer that will not work under heavy load. The price of this set should not exceed PLN 200. Unfortunately, new motherboards no longer support this standard. If we want to equip our equipment with the latest generation processor, we must invest in DDR4 memory. The latest RAM memory standard is characterized by high frequency and lower voltage. If we want to enjoy the best quality and meet the requirements of the latest games and programs, this is the optimal choice. A set of 12GB DDR4 memory is an absolute basis if we want to face the requirements of modern technologies. After recent price reductions of DDR4, its price should not exceed PLN 300.

What RAM to choose?

The RAM market, as well as the entire electronics industry, has undergone high specialization. There are memory for players, RAM memory for overclocking, for server computers, as well as standard dice for universal use. It all depends on the buyer’s preferences, but I will repeat it again – RAM must be matched to other components. If we want to have the latest processor with a strong card, then to extract high energy from them, we need to buy RAM from the highest shelf. Okay, buy the best RAM, but which manufacturer? There are many memory producers on the market, the largest ones include Kingston, Goodram, Corsair, Patriot, GeIL, G. Skil, ADATA, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Integral. The choice depends on individual preferences. Top manufacturers offer goods from various price shelves. Each of them offers bones for office, home or gaming computers, both cheaper and the highest quality.

RAM is not just an add-on to your computer. Choosing the right memory is just as important as choosing a processor, graphic card or hard drive and you should think about it as seriously. The right set of all brackets above parameters and the selection of them for the other computer base components is the key to its quick and trouble-free operation.


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