Are you a physiotherapist and would like to constantly develop yourself in your profession, provide your patients with the latest rehabilitation methods? To this end, all kinds of rehabilitation courses for physiotherapists are needed, which allow you to acquire new skills. Even if your modest budget does not allow you to fully finance trainings and courses, you are not in a lost position. All you need to do is become interested in development subsidies offered by the European Union under the European Social Fund. How to get up to 80 percent of EU funding for rehabilitation training for physiotherapists? What is the training funding and what conditions must be met. We write about all this below.

Everyone is well aware of the importance of professional training. They allow you to acquire new skills or improve those you already have, because basic knowledge is sometimes not enough to provide services in a fully professional manner. Especially in such a specific and developmental profession, training physiotherapists play a very important role, because they expand the profile of a person’s activity, and thus bring measurably greater profits in the future, and also allow for the help of a larger number of people beyond the financial aspect. Thanks to the presence of our country in the European Union, small and medium enterprises and their employees, and taiga, as is often the case in the physiotherapy industry, sole proprietorships have a chance to finance their development through training. The only condition is having a registered company in the province in which we will apply for funding. However, if the situation arises that our activity is registered in, for example, the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, and we physically operate in the Pomeranian Voivodship, then we need to apply for a rehabilitation course for physiotherapists or any other one in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship.

How to get funding for rehabilitation training for physiotherapists

Unfortunately, as in many other cases, here too, you can’t go without bureaucracy, in order to be able to take advantage of funding you should first of all go to the website of the Development Services Database. This site is a platform where you can find all information about trainings co-financed from the European Social Fund. You should search for rehabilitation trainings for physiotherapists in the search engine, but if you already have one of the schools of your choice that runs such courses, try to find it in the database. All companies in the Database of Development Services had to demonstrate excellent training ability and qualified staff, so you can be sure of the substantive value of such training. After selecting the appropriate company, you can proceed to request funding for the training.


This process should begin with the search for an operator who deals with the receipt of applications, implementation and settlement of beneficiaries applying for funding for a given training in a given voivodship in which your activity is registered. After finding it, please send it to the completed form available on the aforementioned platform.

What is the amount of training funding?

Depending on the place where the business activity is registered, co-financing varies, however, it always closes between 50 and 80 percent of the total amount of training. These differences result from the need to level the playing field in less economically developed voivodships, such as the previously mentioned Warmian-Masurian Voivodship. In the case of a rehabilitation course for physiotherapists at a cost of PLN 1,000, you will only have to pay PLN 500 to PLN 200 using the grant. This is a great opportunity to improve your qualifications.

Co-financing of trainings and courses is usually carried out in two forms.

The first one is a training voucher, for a rehabilitation course for a physiotherapist selected in your case, in order to receive a voucher with co-financing, you must buy it for the remaining amount, due for the training, which does not include co-financing. These types of vouchers have their expiration date, which means they must be used until the given date.

The second is refund of course costs. In this case, you should sign a financial support contract with your operator, and then choose the training center yourself from the list of reimbursed centers. After the training, it will be settled with the operator, and [costs incurred by you in accordance with the percentage of funding will be returned to you immediately. It’s true that it’s quite simple and not as complicated as it might seem?

Thanks to this type of funding, even a small physiotherapy office has a chance to grow among competitors, and using them is extremely beneficial for everyone. After such training, physiotherapists can work in various physiotherapy centers. For example, the Połczyn Zdrój rehabilitation center willingly sends its physiotherapists for physiotherapy courses.


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