I think it’s safe to say that we are not moving anywhere without our phones. A smartphone is a device that really fulfills a number of functions necessary for work or everyday life. It allows us to check the e-mail in real time, replaces the camera, enables constant contact with loved ones, provides entertainment, serves as navigation – and so we can endlessly. The functions and possibilities give us a lot, but it is worth remembering to take care of it properly. Phone accessories are not only cool gadgets, they are also a way to enjoy your device longer. It is also a great gift idea for people who like functional surprises. What phone accessories should you choose? We present some tips in today’s guide.

TOP 6 phone accessories

Of course, what solutions we reach for depends on which phone model we have. In many cases, the operating system will also be important, which is why we’ve listed the general accessories below that can be individually adjusted to the type of smartphone we have.

TOP 1 – tempered glass

Our set starts with tempered glass, which is undoubtedly the “must have” of every phone. It is much more durable than traditional glass, which is why so many people buy them right away with the phone. Tempered glass can most often be found with the marking 9H, which informs us that it cannot be scratched even with a sharp tool. Certainly it is a gadget that is useful to women because they often carry phones in a purse with keys and other things that can scratch the screen. If we have a problem installing tempered glass, it is worth asking someone to do it at the point of sale.





TOP 2 – PopSockets

This accessory has been breaking popularity records in recent months, that’s why it’s on our podium. What is PopSockets? It is an extremely simple and at the same time intuitive gadget that combines two functions: a handle and a stand. We mount it on the back cover of the phone in a place that suits us. This type of holder allows, among others, to comfortably hold the smartphone during use and works great as a stand when, for example, we want to watch your favorite series or movie on the internet. It comes in various colors and motifs, so we can choose it individually to our tastes.

TOP 3 – Additional lenses

If you travel a lot and taking pictures is a lot of fun, you should think about an additional lens. Thanks to this addition, the photos look extremely professional and above all have better quality. Front cameras most often have less Mpx, making photos come out blurred. An additional lens will definitely make the colors richer, even if we took a photo in a darker room. These types of gadgets can be found in various price options and with many additional functions.

TOP 4 – Power Bank

Although phone manufacturers are trying to maximize battery life, it must be mentioned that the power bank is undoubtedly a gadget that will be useful to everyone. Many of us, like not everybody, have met with a situation where in the most inappropriate time the phone refused to work and there was nowhere to charge it. When traveling by train, during sightseeing, during classes or even at work – we do not always have access to a free outlet or we do not have enough time to recharge it to at least 20%. In such situations, a power bank rushes to the rescue, which we can take anywhere and freely charge any smartphone.

TOP 5 – Bicycle pannier

Time for an offer for people who spend their free time actively and like to ride a bike. The pannier allows you to freely mount the phone on the frame without worrying about it falling out or spilling in the rain. It also significantly affects safety, because it does not limit our freedom of movement in any way, when we want to use, for example, navigation or enable the application to measure distances. Bicycle panniers come in different variants, so it is worth choosing them individually for a given phone model.

TOP 6 – Wireless headphones

Broken or tangled cables are a thing of the past. Wireless headphones are a great proposition for music lovers who appreciate comfortable solutions. They take up little space and we can easily synchronize them with any device with bluetooth. They are often available in different color variants.

Of course, these are just a few phone accessories that are worth having. We did not mention a car holder, case or car charger. However, regardless of what we choose whether it will be tempered glass, or whether we decide on a powerbank or headphones, pay attention to the parameters of these gadgets. Cheaper – does not always mean better, so in this case it is not worth saving. Better quality accessories will last much longer than the ones we buy only because of the price.


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