A lawyer is a person who provides various legal services . Depending on the scope of work it deals with, such services it has to offer to its clients. A lawyer can be a lawyer, he can be a legal advisor. What are the differences between the two professions? What can one and what can’t the other? When to report to a counselor and when to choose a lawyer or an ordinary lawyer? Very often it happens that we have a specific problem from the legal side and we do not know exactly who to turn to with such a problem. It is worth getting to know these concepts in order to save time, unnecessary nerves, as well as our money, because each visit from that’s what she is connected with.


What services does the lawyer provide for us?

An advocate is a lawyer who practices his profession under the provisions of the Law on the Bar. On this basis, the bar self-government operates, on this basis all examinations for applications are carried out and the barrister conducts business activity on this basis, providing his legal services. What does this range cover? What falls within the competence of a lawyer who provides a range of solutions to potential clients? The main tasks include, among others, providing various types of legal advice, preparing opinions, and preparing draft legal acts. The lawyer appears before the courts and offices and in each such place he represents his client.


Who is a legal advisor?

 A legal advisor is a lawyer whose rules of practicing this profession are determined by the act on legal advisors. The adviser provides legal assistance covering legal services , including, but not limited to, any similar to those provided by lawyers themselves. Earlier, before the changes were introduced, the counselor could not be a lawyer in criminal and fiscal penal cases, as well as in family matters. Today it can receive as many customers as possible.


What is the difference between a lawyer and a legal advisor?

An important difference that concerns these two professions is, among others, that a legal advisor can be employed by a given entrepreneur based on the employment relationship. In the case of lawyers themselves, they practice their profession by conducting business or being in a company. Therefore, we can conclude a civil law contract with a lawyer, and an employment contract with a legal advisor. In Poland, work is underway to combine these two professions into one and provide the given legal services as one unit. This is the case in other countries and it works as correctly as possible, but in Poland there is still a lot to work in this area.


Who should I go to with a given problem?

In fact, everything depends on us, because each lawyer in a given field will certainly be able to help us, both when it comes only to help in providing advice, as well as representing the client before the court or office. And regardless of whether we have a problem with family, civil or administrative law, in each case both the one and the other by providing legal services is able to help us and offer the best. If we have a specific problem, no matter who we contact, we will definitely get professional help and support. So important and important in this case is not whether we choose a lawyer, but what specialization a given lawyer is. Everyone specializes in specific areas and legal areas, which makes them the best in their profession. One lawyer is excellent at family matters, while another is very good at criminal matters. It is worth checking carefully before choosing a person what legal services a given person has to offer, so that we can use the help of someone who simply knows about it and will do it best. In each city a given lawyer provides his services and with his help we can use the most.


Why is legal assistance so important?

The ordinary Kowalski is not able to deal with the problem that concerns him alone, if he has practically no knowledge in this matter. Mrs. Nowak will not divorce if she has no idea how to write a divorce petition. In any case , legal services are professional help from someone who knows about it and who can help us. The lawyer will write a divorce petition for us, offer help in case of legal problems, help if we have a problem with the employer. One thing to keep in mind is that such assistance costs money and often considerable. It is therefore undoubtedly worth bearing in mind that we will pay for legal services , but there are situations where it is necessary if we want to get out of the given situation in the best possible way.


Having a good lawyer, we are able to deal with everything that we have a problem with. Such a person is able to guarantee us the highest quality of services with our full satisfaction. A winning case is possible if we can work with someone who is a true professional.

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