Chainsaws are universal tools that are most often used in the garden for pruning branches, shredding fallen trees, preparing fuel for the fireplace or trimming the hedge. Thanks to its simple structure and uncomplicated service, it is eagerly chosen by many people who like to spend time working in the garden. What to look for when choosing a chainsaw?

Why do you need a chainsaw?

The key issue when choosing a chainsaw is its future use. Anticipating heavy machine loads, you need to guarantee high power. However, if you are planning lighter work, but taking more time, it is worth focusing on lighter and simpler to use equipment. Thanks to which the activity will be less tiring. Manufacturers of chainsaws offer three basic types of chainsaws: petrol, electric and battery. They differ mainly in the way of power supply – petrol chainsaws are powered by fuel, electric chainsaws work when connected to the power supply and battery ones are powered by a built-in battery.


Features of petrol chainsaws

It is an ideal solution for felling trees in the forest and orchard, carrying out care treatments for old trees in the garden and cutting harvested wood – especially larger thickness. As the name implies, petrol chainsaws run on fuel. They have built-in two-stroke engines with a displacement of 32 to even 54 cm³. Saws for professional woodcutters are equipped with engines with a capacity of up to 118.8 cm³. The chain guide length is also different. Depending on the nature of the work performed, we have the option of using guides with a length of 30-105 cm. For home use, a length of up to 50 cm is usually used. Petrol chainsaws are relatively heavy, their weight starts from about 4 kg.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is worth paying attention to several elements. It is good if the ignition switch and choke lever are located within easy reach of the operator. The latest models from the best chainsaw suppliers have an integrated switch lever that combines the switch function, choke lever and half gas lock. Other solutions that facilitate work, such as a vibration reduction system, are also important. This significantly improves the comfort of work.


What are the pros and cons of chain saws?

The main advantage is the high power of such a device. The high displacement of the saw engine allows you to perform heavy work, hence the chainsaws are used by professional woodcutters. In addition, they are more mobile than electrical devices, just refill with the right amount of fuel. That is why they are much more efficient and will be better at many hours of work. The disadvantages include, above all, noisy operation, so use appropriate earmuffs or stoppers. Working with such a machine for many hours you can develop hearing problems. In addition, working with such equipment requires adequate strength, because they are relatively heavy – the weight can reach up to 10 kg.


Features of electric chainsaw

If you intend to use a chainsaw to cut wood of smaller thickness, e.g. one intended for a fireplace, it is worth reviewing the offer of electric chainsaws. They will be perfect for carrying out uncomplicated gardening work or simple carpentry work. The main feature of these devices is light weight, which makes them easy to use and does not require many maintenance operations. At the same time, they are much quieter than petrol chainsaws, which makes working with them less harmful to human hearing. An important argument for many gardeners is the fact that electric chainsaws do not produce exhaust gas, which is why they are much more environmentally friendly than their exhaust gas counterparts. Additionally, they can also be used indoors. As the name suggests, electric chainsaws need electricity to operate. This is their biggest limitation. During the work it is necessary to ensure constant access to a 230V power source, i.e. an electrical outlet. So if you do not have special external sockets in the garden, any work will require extension cords.


What are the pros and cons of electric chainsaws?

An electric chainsaw is a good choice for everyone who only performs light woodworking work or only sporadically. It is an ideal alternative to axes and handballs, thanks to which work will be more pleasant. Easy operation is the biggest advantage of these devices. If we add low weight and quiet operation, we get the perfect tool for performing simple garden tasks, but not only. Electric chainsaws can also be used indoors. The only disadvantage of these devices is the relatively low power, which may prevent you from doing a lot of work.

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