The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is very difficult to make. Especially if the topic of nursing home is raised by third parties, and not by the person himself who would live in such a place. A difficult task for many people is to start a conversation on this topic. A loved one cannot feel repelled and unwanted, and this serious decision should be made together. In our country, the number of people over 60 is increasing, with barely 4 people of working age per Polish senior. Ensuring proper care for the elderly is therefore a challenge.


Is an old people ‘s home a last resort?


In our country, a family is looking for a care home, usually in a situation where it is physically and mentally unable to provide sufficient care to their loved ones. In many cases, people in very serious condition (poorly selected medicines, pressure sores, dehydration) end up in an old people’s home. People who do not have a family often fail to live independently, but do not want to go to a retirement home. However, this is changing. Older people are looking for alternative solutions so that they will not have to live alone. When their everyday life becomes more and more difficult, they decide to go to an old people’s home. In most cases, the idea of ​​an elderly person living in a nursing home comes from relatives or carers.


What nursing home should you choose?


nursing home for the elderly

Until recently, state social welfare homes prevailed in Poland. There were only a dozen or so private ones. Currently, every large district of cities such as Krakow and Warsaw has a private home for the elderly . There are nearly 600 such facilities throughout the country. Admission to a private facility is very fast. However, you have to wait from 3 months to about 3 years for a place in a nursing home. Such a place can be applied primarily by people who, due to their advanced age, illness or disability, cannot continue to function independently and need 24-hour care, which cannot be provided in their place of residence. Independence is the most important thing. A nursing home may refuse to accept an elderly person if he or she considers that they can continue to function alone. The entire procedure in connection with admission to the institution should begin with the submission of an application to the local social assistance center. Such an application is submitted by the person concerned or their legal guardian in the event of incapacitation. Then the social worker has to conduct a community interview, after which he collects all documentation. A nursing home for the elderly offers services tailored to the health of its children. Some of them deal with bedridden patients, others physically fit, but suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.


What to look out for when visiting an old people’s home ?


Before signing any contract with an old people’s home , we should pay attention to how many people live in the facility permanently. People of advanced age function best in homes with only a dozen or so residents. When visiting the resort, you must make sure that there is adequate space for residents, including in the common room. The atmosphere in the resort is influenced by many factors, and the most important of these is the contact of the charges with the staff. Employees should spend time with their clients, talk to them, and not just fulfill their basic duties. During the visit, it’s worth talking to the residents themselves. Seniors in a good nursing home should be well-kept and satisfied. The voids in the corridors of the resort can be a cause for concern for us. It is also worth asking about the time of visit. You should be able to go to the center at any time of the day.


What is the cost of a Nursing Home?


Seniors who are unable to function independently and the family is unable to guarantee proper care for them, usually go to a nursing home. There, the flat is provided with board and care and nursing benefits. On a daily basis, they can also participate in activities to improve fitness. To obtain a place in such a center, you must submit an application containing a certificate of income from ZUS or KRUS, or a decision to grant permanent benefit. Then the application was supplemented with an environmental interview conducted by a center employee. The monthly cost of staying in a nursing home can be up to PLN 3,000. The resident pays a maximum of 70 percent of his income. If they are too low, then the spouse, children or grandchildren can pay extra. Only if their monthly income is higher than 300 percent of the income criterion per single person, i.e. 1902 zlotys, or if they have families 300 percent per person in the family, i.e. 1542 zlotys. If, on the other hand, the income of a senior family is lower, the commune will pay the rest of the cost of his stay in the facility.

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