It can be safely said that the fashion for tattoos has come. Only a dozen or so years ago they were mainly owned by soldiers or people leaving prison, nowadays a lot of people have them, tattoos are called works of art and in many cities fairs, festivals and various types of events dedicated to decorating the body with ink are organized. In many larger cities of tattoo parlors there are as many pharmacies or places of culture. Once you decide to make a scab, you should spend more time choosing the right tattoo parlor. An incorrectly made tattoo may look bad and deviate significantly from the design assumed by us. So how do you choose the best place? What to look for when choosing? Get some tips to help you choose the best tattoo studio.


Pay attention to the price

You make a tattoo for life. Of course, there is the possibility of tattoo removal thanks to laser tattoo removal , but tattoo whitening is very painful and, above all, expensive. Therefore, before making the final decision on choosing a design, and above all a tattoo salon, you need to seriously consider. When browsing the offers of tattoo parlors you are interested in, you should pay close attention to the prices it applies. Tattoo salons usually settle in the form of the price for a full-day session (for large designs) or the amount for a specific design (this applies to smaller tattoos). An all-day session costs on average from 800 to even 2000 PLN. If someone offers you a tattoo for a much lower rate, you should be vigilant. This may indicate weak skills or lack of clients. Frequently proposed prices can be evidence of the quality of the salon.


The date of the tattoo

Like in other industries, here too the best tattoo artists enjoy enormous occupancy. You can wait up to a year and often even longer for a session with the best artists in the industry. One simple rule works here. The better someone has, the more customers they have, and thus also the distant date. It also proves that a given tattoo artist personally performs the work and not just ‘gives the name’ and the work is done by someone else. Therefore, if you get a tattoo proposal ‘for now’ you need to be vigilant whether you have come to the right tattoo studio.


Online galleries

Internet and Social Media love tattoos. According to research, photos on which a person has beautifully done tattoos receive more likes of photos, these photos are also more often commented. That is why clothing brands conducting online sales are so eager to use the services of fabricated models. Of course, every self-respecting tattoo studio has its own website or at least a Facebook profile. Before deciding to visit, make sure you check the page and review the portfolio of the artist. It can tell us a lot about the skills and style of the owner of a given tattoo studio. You have to be careful, many dishonest salons strongly retouch pictures of tattoos you have made, which make them look completely different than in reality. The Internet is also a treasury of opinions on many stores, products or services. Similarly with tattoo parlors, most people after leaving such a studio quickly declare their satisfaction or disappointment with the work done.



Creating a tattoo is not the most hygienic thing in the world. In the old days there were cases of infection due to lack of proper hygiene in the tattoo parlor. Currently, such cases do not happen, but it is worth paying special attention to the order in the salon. There should be order in the tattoo studio and all accessories should be properly cleaned. If, after entering, you see dirt and dust in the room and the armchair on which you are to spend the next hours is full of blood after the previous customer, you should rather leave this place as soon as possible.


Individually designed tattoo

Renowned tattoo parlors are created by people full of passion, knowledge, experience and above all those who have the soul of the artist. They are happy to design an individual tattoo for you or suggest a different interpretation of the one you dreamed of so that you can see the individual character. One thing is for sure, the best do not copy tattoos from the Internet or rigidly redraw them from catalogs. Each tattoo made is a showcase of a given salon, which the client should brag about after the session. It is worth paying attention to it. If the tattoo artist can draw great, has a vision and at the same time a lot of creativity, we can be sure that our tattoo will be successful.


A tattoo is something that is acquired for life. It is worth, so think carefully about your choice, a properly selected pattern should refer to the individual person and the tattoo would mean something well. It is also worth carefully thinking about choosing the right tattoo studio so that our dream design meets our expectations one hundred percent.

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