If you need any geological and geotechnical services, you couldn’t have found better. Our company has specialized in these topics for many years, operating throughout Poland. As part of our offer, you can commission soil tests for the construction of single- and multi-family houses, industrial halls, roads, as well as all other engineering facilities. We guarantee professionalism and professional approach to the matter from A to Z.

Cooperation at the highest level

We are close co-workers of many other companies in the geotechnical and geological and engineering industries. For this reason, we consult and develop (in the form of subcontracting) many specialized projects that are related to foundation and also optimization of the costs of soil reinforcements. The fact that we are present in so many projects means that we know the latest trends on the market and use the latest technologies. In addition, it allowed us to make the geological and geotechnical services we offer competitive in every respect, including prices.

Excellent ideas, professional soil tests and personalized consultancy, already at the stage of searching for a construction plot with pre-conducted geotechnical tests, are the advantages that have already been trusted by many clients. As a result, the innovative methods we developed have enabled us to reduce the costs to be borne by the client – for example, if unfavorable soil and water conditions are found, we are able to initially quickly and quite accurately estimate the costs of strengthening the ground or indirect foundation of the building. We advise against buying a plot of land when the costs turn out to be too high and the customer pays only for the tests we have done, for which we prepare a short geotechnical report, the cost of which is incomparably lower compared to soil reinforcement treatments. Such activities would of course be necessary for the secure foundation of the building, but the whole would involve overinvestment.

Comprehensive services guarantee good cooperation

geo Szczecin

As a company with many years of experience, offering the highest level of geological and geotechnical services , we are not afraid to take on even the most difficult challenges. Our tests run in a comprehensive manner, thanks to which the studies presented to our clients fully solve the problems of building foundation. The quality of our services is the result of constant employee training and huge investment in development – we are aware of the importance of optimizing costs and work at every stage of the construction task.

We have the appropriate sets for manual testing and a mechanical drilling rig, CPT probe, light dynamic probe (DPL), as well as light dynamic plate or rigid plate. We can carry out tests up to several dozen meters deep, working on the latest computer programs. We are real specialists in designing soil reinforcements as well as embankments, embankments, excavations and slopes. Even the most difficult geological and engineering problems are not a challenge for us, and thanks to cooperation with us, each foundation of building objects will have the highest level of security.

Bet on cooperation with a reputable company

In answer to the question – why are we the right company in the field of geological and geotechnical services – we answer that our extensive experience in the field of bridge and road construction is extremely important to us. Road craft in Poland is well known to us – and the work of a designer is nothing foreign. We conducted geotechnical works at all stages of project implementation, thanks to which we are able to perfectly match the type and scope of works in the field, avoiding unnecessary financial outlays. We know great construction solutions, which means that each of our cooperation with engineers from various industries is fair and comprehensive.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that as a company offering geological and geotechnical services, we have special design licenses and permits to direct and supervise field work. We are constantly educating and expanding our knowledge by participating in the most important trainings and major industry conferences. Each time problems such as weak soil or high groundwater level are identified, we provide an appropriate engineering solution. We are not afraid of any challenge and we cooperate closely with the largest research centers in the field of geotechnics and engineering geology in Poland.

Choose wisely

To sum up – the geological and geotechnical services we offer are ideal for any investor who wants to optimize the investment costs as best as possible. Thanks to our professional solutions and professional advice, it is possible to solve any problem. Many powerful investors have already trusted us – trust you and you will not regret it.


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